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I’ve been an IT Trainer for a number of years and use a number of applications that work well for me, here’s the list of software that I use the whole time:

MS Office Software

Although there are other Office type products like Google Docs, Apple’s iWork, LibreOffice as an MS Office trainer could I really think anything bad about it? Having said that I do find that users have little idea how to use Word properly, find that Excel can be a bit of a struggle, and only use Outlook for sending and receiving e-mails, but nothing really comes close to the power, flexibility and global presence of MS Office – if trained well!

Wunderlist Appliction

This is an excellent ‘To do’ and list application that is available everywhere. Available in the main smart phone stores for Apple, Android and Windows as well as via desktop and via web, on the iPhone and Android. It’s straightforward to use, you can also share lists with other people as well as being able check out other people’s public lists¬† https://www.wunderlist.com/home

Camtasia Application

A great bit of software for creating E-learning. Very popular for RAD (Raid Application Development), very easy to distribute to different formats such as Flash, Flv, Youtube, for web and mobile and many more as well as being able to easily annotate, add special effects as well as as quizzes http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html

Snagit Software

This application is the Rolls Royce of screen capture. Available on Windows, with a slightly more limited version on Apple. I use this a lot for both web graphics as well as for training manuals. The effects can be created on Word or other packages, however for convenience and in terms of getting to the end graphic as quickly as possible this is the best product http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html

Adobe Kuler

Personally I have not got much colour sense, this adobe website utility allows you to easily create a colour scheme for whatever you might be needing it for. From a base colour one can apply different rules such as Monochromatic, Analogous and Triad to create a pallette of colours very much fit for purpose https://color.adobe.com

Excelisfun Website

Not software as such, but where do Excel trainers go to get more information on Excel? Well I often ask a question on Google, the Mr.Excel Forum and if I am after more detailed knowledge, particularly anything to do with Formulas and Functions I go straight to the Youtube channel Excelisfun which is a great resource

Surface Pro Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

The hardware I use mainly is the original MS Surface Pro, it’s more laptop than tablet, but I tend to take a fairly practical approach to IT so as I’m a Microsoft Trainer it makes sense to use hardware that is designed for the software I use. I find it to be fast enough, I like the touch screen and Windows 8.1 is fairly straightforward to use. All in all a great bit of kit, which has the bonus of an excellent pen allowing me to take notes and to draw directly on the screen. It is being rapidly developed and we are now on version 3 after just a year or so! Surface Pro 3


The ‘Cloud’ seems to be taking over as to where to store files – and why not? As often as not its free, though it can tie you in to certain products such as MS Office 365 with OneDrive and Apple’s iCloud and it allows someone else to worry about the backup. I use Dropbox which I do have to pay for it, but it just works, and it works wherever and whatever you are ‘on’. Whether it be Smart phones – Windows, Android or iPhone or desktop – Windows, Apple or Linux¬† https://www.dropbox.com/


With all those passwords that one really should remember and that should be unique as well as hard to hack – what is a person to do? Personally I let LassPass software handle all of that for me. Easy to use with plug-ins for the browsers that I use, IE, Firefox and Chrome and with tools to tell me which websites have duplicated passwords this is a very useful bit of kit. And best of all it’s free to computer users. Obviously one does feel a bit nervous about anything thatt handles ones passwords, however with the company being based in the US I take the view that it would have been litigated out of existence if it wasn’t excellent. You can also use their paid premium service which means your passwords can also be used as well on iPhones and Android smart phones https://lastpass.com/


– How to sychronise all of ones websites across different computers and browsers, I use Xmarks software (bought by Lasspass in 2010), again straightforward to use and even keeps backups of previous sets of backups in case something goes wrong. http://www.xmarks.com/


Obviously search but there of lots of other great tools, usually free, Gmail. Picasa, Maps, Youtube and also Google Forms a useful tool for collecting and analysing feedback, TNA and other issues.