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How many delegates do you take per class?

The optimal amount of delegates per class is between 6-8.

However I charge per day, so if you want more than that’s absolutely fine. However the more delegates you have the more the session turns into a seminar style delivery and the training will not be so interactive and therefore probably not so effective.

Please note that all delegates receive a manual as part of the price, but that is limited to a maximum of 8, if you want more than 8 there will be a small extra per each additional manual.

Do you deliver training either shorter or longer than a full day?

Whilst generic full day courses such as Introduction to.., Intermediate and Advanced are all popular, I also offer a ‘library’ of more functional half day courses and theses are generally focused on a particular area within a particular application. Just click into ‘Pick a course’ and delve into the different applications for the half day courses that have already been designed and delivered to other organisations.

As I always charge per day, the idea would be that you would choose 2 courses to complete the day training.

The other advantage of choosing 2 half day courses is that of course more delegates get to receive training per day and then still get back to work and the focused on hopefully exactly what they require.

Another option that is popular is a series of 1 to 1 training sessions, where I go into an organisation and see 5 or 6 people one by one throughout the day, this has the advantage of the training session being totally focused on what they want using files that they might uses day to day.

For longer courses it just a matter of slotting together 2 or more courses together or perhaps designing a course that precisely fits what you are looking for, for example I have successfully delivered several 4 day training courses on just MS Excel as well as week long courses on several applications.

All of the above courses are delivered with manuals – why not call to discuss details?

Can you provide equipment?

Absolutely! I know that even very large companies can struggle to rustle up some training equipment. Training laptops can be easily provided at no extra cost, fully configured with the software that you are going to be trained on.

Can I modify a course?

Yes you can, anything on the course can be removed or added and the course manual will be modified to reflect the changes.

Do you need to be paid in advance of the course?

Payment within 30 days of receipt of invoice please!

There is a 100% cancellation fee if the course is canceled or postponed 10 working days or less before the start of the course – seeĀ  Terms and Conditions for further information.